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Monteleone’s Bakery & Pasticceria

355 Court Street Carroll Gardens Brooklyn


One step into this neighborhood staple and you are transported to a sweet tooth’s dream world.  The aroma of marzipan, brightly colored goodies, and the sounds of Italian conversation hit your senses at once. Established in Carroll Gardens since 1924 and serving authentic Italian sweets hand made on premises.  The current owners, the Fiorentino family specialize in Italian fare such as pastry, biscotti and gelato. Hailing from Italy they create authentic, high quality pastry and the best cookies in Brooklyn.  Here you will find the perfect fusion of past and present. Mr F. says when he took over in 2011 he wanted to continue offering what was expected by Monteleones, but he wanted to add.  Find Traditional Italian treats like pasticiotti and sfogliatella everyday as well as seasonal specials like bigne’ di San Guseppi. They make all sorts of pies and cakes from simple to elaborate. Choose one that is prepared daily or have one custom made for a special event like a Birthday. There is something for everybody.

Tips: Try the coffee. Regular or iced, it’s my favorite in the neighborhood.  On weekends there are cartocci. What is that you ask? Only the greatest doughnut you’ve ever had! I am personally a huge fan of their fruit tart and amazing almond paste cookies with or without Pignoli.